About Us

CLARITY is part of the pharmaceutical supply chain solutions company, CLARITYpharma.

CLARITYpharma has a long track record of working with clients in the pharmaceutical industry to help them control, and improve efficiency in their supply chain.

CLARITY was a concept borne out of a clear need for the manufacturer to regain access to their customer base - the pharmacist, the dispensing doctor, the GP, the hospital - and in doing so, provide a better and more flexible experience to gaining access to their medicines.

The key differentiator relative to other direct supply chain propositions, for both the manufacturer and the customer, is that CLARITY is NOT a transactional order taking service and offers real sales pull through, with clear pricing and profit message to the customer.

For the customer the unique experience manifests itself in a close intimate relationship with a highly skilled customer relationship manager specific to each account, secure easy to use, online ordering facility should this be required or regular telesales contact to support the busy practice activities. Discounts enjoyed by the user are specific to them, and are applied at the point of purchase to the invoice, so no need to wait for a rebate.

Payment options include on account and credit card and all orders are shipped from our secure warehouse facility for next day delivery. Credit card option only available on-line.

To learn more about CLARITYpharma and its breadth of services, please visit our corporate website, www.clarity-pharma.com.