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Crawford Healthcare, is a supplier of dermatology and woundcare products covering a broad range of skin conditions. We are dedicated to developing and providing innovative treatment solutions to care and repair the skin, helping our bodies to maintain our number one natural defense system. By working with partner companies who are leaders in their respective fields and markets we can offer innovative and valuable treatments and diagnostics for a range of skin conditions.



Help Protect your family with Australia's No1 Sunscreen

SunSense™ Every day, no matter how careful we are, our skin is exposed to sunlight

Wearing a high factor sunscreen every day helps protect against the sun’s potentially harmful UVA and UVB rays, which can cause sun damage, pigmentation, premature ageing, skin cancers and wrinkles3,4.

The SunSense range includes sunscreens for everyone, and has been specially formulated using high quality ingredients that quickly bond to skin. Each product is unique in its formulation, and some have recently been reformulated to meet stringent new laws on the labelling of sunscreens in Australia 2. SunSense has some of the best suncreams for the face. 

All of our high factor sunscreens help protect from both UVA and UVB radiation - in fact, SunSense has the highest Sun Protection Factor available2 and is the UK's No. 1 prescribed suncreen1

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Dry or sensitive skin conditions like atopic eczema are really common and affect around 54% of the population and 1 in 5 children in the UK. Most children grow out of it by the age of 7, but the constant cycle of itching and scratching can make them really uncomfortable.

Experts agree that a programme of total emollient therapy is one of the best ways to relieve discomfort and manage skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, using a 2-stage routine of cleansing and moisturising to protect sensitive skin and give round the clock relief.

A combination of QV cleansers and moisturisers helps repair and rehydrate skin using glycerol, a naturally occurring humectant that isn't greasy, doesn't block pores and helps the skin retain moisture to protect against irritation, leaving it feeling smooth and soft. The QV range is also free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate, which is found in some soaps and can irritate the skin) and from fragrance, colour, lanolin and propylene glycol.

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Cuplex Gel                                             

An effective treatment for warts, corns and callouses
Most people will have warts at some point in their life, although they tend to affect children and teenagers more than adults. They’re caused by an infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV), which causes an excess amount of keratin, a hard protein, to develop in the top skin layer (epidermis). The extra keratin produces the rough, hard texture of a wart.

Cuplex® Gel contains salicylic acid, which is a keratolytic – in other words, it breaks down keratin – resulting in the shedding of skin cells. The salicylic acid removes the affected skin over a period of time, and the new skin that grows underneath will be healthy. Cuplex also contains lactic acid, which enhances the action of the salicylic acid by helping break down the surface of the skin.

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Zindaclin Gel                           

Once a day, gets used, gets results
Topical therapies are first-line treatments for mild to moderate acne but they only work if they get used.1

Poor compliance and reduced efficacy are major issues for GPs and dermatologists treating teenagers with acne.2
But ease of therapy and simple dosing regimens have been shown to improve patient compliance.3
A randomised, single-centre cross over study was conducted to determine and compare patient preferences. Over 4 weeks, patients used each of 3 topical antibiotics for 1 week.2
The study showed that patients clearly preferred a gel formulation that could be applied with the fingers once a day and stored at room temperature over 18 months.2

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