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About Vidant Pharma

Vidant Pharma identifies licenses and distributes healthcare products and particularly those that have been successful in their home markets but are not yet available in the UK or the Republic of Ireland.

Vidant Pharma is focused on exploiting products that we can make claims based on scientific data.

Vidant Pharma Ltd has licensed two products from Proreo Pharma AG, Switzerland Eradicil® and Care Skin® med as well as ethyl chloride Vidant from a German company. Eradicil® and ethyl chloride Vidant have been launched; Care Skin® med was launched in 2013. These products are all currently sold in several other EU countries as well as Switzerland. TrisanAF is the latest product Vidant has launched also in 2013

CareSkin med                                  

Care Skin® med has been available in the Swiss market since 1985 and is widely used in a range of work environments. It is aerosol foam providing an organic, breathable, waterproof layer and hand barrier protection (75ml / 150 applications per can). The product has duration of action of 4 hours therefore each unit could last for three months in a working-week, twice-daily application situation.

Care Skin® med can be used in the following: prevention of contact eczema, skin irritation in patients, prophylactic use in people with occupational eczema, health care workers, hairdressers, laboratory workers, people with latex allergies, people who work regularly with solvents, people who work in metal processing), people in the home (gardening, car repair, do-it-yourself, decorating) and prophylaxis of nappy rash.

Product Information

Ethyl Chloride                            

Ethyl Chloride Vidant is a fast-acting, hypoallergenic, vapo-coolant spray that provides rapid, transient, topical analgesia for minor invasive procedures (intramuscular and sub-cutaneous injections).

The active ingredient, ethyl chloride, acts as a local analgesic (pain relief) when sprayed onto the skin. A thin film of liquid is sprayed onto the skin, which makes the skin cold and less sensitive as the liquid evaporates. It works very quickly (in a few seconds) but the effect wears off quickly too as the skin warms up again in a few minutes.

It can be very useful for children who are allergic to other topical anaesthetics, or for those who are allergic to, or get upset when analgesic gels are applied before injections.

Product Information